NoliMeTangere.com is your online guide to Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. This novel is required reading in Philippine high schools (and also in some universities), so if you’re moping around, feeling persecuted, take heart: You are not alone.

Countless young people like you have crammed studied long and hard, braved many a dark and lonely night trying to absorb the difficult Tagalog passages of the Noli.

For the few of you who read Rizal’s novel with gusto and sincere interest, I invite you to leave comments and help those who are have other literary priorities. For those of you who, like me, wonder why you have to read the Noli Me Tangere, just trust me when I say that within the next 25 years, you will discover that this novel is actually a fun read.

And when that happens, good luck with your children when they are teens, who might look at you as some kind of weirdo (My dad/mom likes Rizal… How uncool is that!), and who might not even be familiar with the term “generation gap.”